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Deleting my website Twitter: Lessons learned from VR writing

Where I take a look at my website and online personality, and think how it can be improved.

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Gillette Razors, VR, and Australia – an analysis of a virtual reality marketing campaign

I look at the Gillette ProShield VR Experience and analyse how it could have been target-marketed better.

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Review: Psychonauts in the Rhombus of Ruin

A review of Psychonauts in the Rhombus of Ruin for the PlayStation VR (PSVR), by Double Fine.

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Visualise and Ford team up with a VR recreation of C’était un rendez-vous

To celebrate Ford Mustang’s success in Europe, Visualise and GTB, have produced a virtual reality recreation of C'était un rendez-vous (Rendezvous).

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China to establish village dedicated to VR production

Guian New Area, China's national-level new area in Guizhou, mid-Western China, is helping businesses to realize opportunities in virtual reality.

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Using VR for good in the future

Vera Grablechner discusses how virtual reality can be used for good, such as charities and the future.

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The State of VR in 2017

The State of VR in 2017 is a free white paper covering the immersive reality industry. It is following some upcoming trends and companies working in sectors from gaming to medical to e-commerce, while focusing on how the technology benefits each of the industries.

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The Industry’s First Social VR Feature For Recording And Sharing Your Reaction To Immersive Media

Zeality, the industry's first immersive media platform to bridge the gap between VR content, social engagement, and commerce, introduces Re/Lives. Re/Lives, also known as reaction videos, is an innovative patent-pending feature delivering a unique way to record and share your viewing experience within a 360 video. The feature will allow companies and media brands to drive fan engagement in markets such as Sports and Entertainment, Travel and Tourism, News and Media and more.