Yup, we’re going to go there. Here is how I envision VR can work into quidditch:


Mechanical Broomstick: Naturally in order to be fully immersive into the experience, there needs to be some sort of mechanical broomstick which the user can fly around on. This can be a pole which moves and shifts depending on what’s on the screen. It may look silly, but it also has a number of alternative uses, including games around witchcraft and… a lot of other things, I swear.

Motion Control: How would anyone be expected to ┬ápass quaffles and hit bludgers without some sort of motion-sensing device? This one’s a given.

Large fan: Absolutely vital to feel the wind coarse through your hair as you fly around the pitch. Practically useless in most other cases.


Chaser: You pass balls to other team mates. It is advised you use the motion controls rather than actual balls, otherwise your housemates might have one or two bruises after your session.

Beater: The same as above, but with more bats and pain.

Keeper: Probably the easiest position for those starting the game. You hover around and protect the hoops. Then again if your partner sees you playing this game, they will comment you’re anything but a ‘keeper.’

Seeker: You zip around trying to catch a virtual snitch. Definitely recommend the oversized fan if you intend to do this.

Mode of the game

National / International Tournament: You create a team and design their clothing for the season. The Keele Squirrels, London Unspeakables, Exeter Eagles – You make them and play them through the season until you reach the finals.

Once you win you then hit the big international competitions and go up against Germany, France, Spain, Uganda… and with time you may even build up to the finals, and defeat the USA in a spectacular turn of events which would turn the quidditch world upside down, probably.

By the time you take off your headset, if you have seen that all your loved ones have gone while you were in the game – do not worry, for you have won at life.