Can virtual reality work well for comedy? I have my doubts – there is a point when the immersion may not be contingent or relevant to the experience. Yet one brave comedian is ready to find out, based all the way in Toronto.  

Toronto Comedy All Stars founder and performer Danish Anwar joins Eggplant Picture and Sound and Timshel Pictures to launch the pilot of new live-to-tape comedy series, ‘Your Hood’s a Joke‘ – filmed in 360 VR as well as traditional mediums.

Stemming from a live stand-up comedy show, it is a live comedy series profiling well-known comics who battle each other to defend their neighbourhood, city or country.

‘Your Hood’s a Joke’ stand-up show has been making Toronto laugh for over 3 years,” comments Anwar.  “First created as a stand-up show, each year has brought more comics and larger audiences.  Bringing it to broadcast so that larger audiences and comics can participate, is the next logical step.” People coming along include Aaron Berg, Pete Johansson, Tyler Morrison, Jean Paul, Keith Pedro, Rob Pue, Steph Tolev, and Peter White.

I question moving it to VR then, as the audience using VR is still quite small compared to other outlets the company could have used – but it will certainly get people’s attention. There isn’t that many more details on the project, as the announcement was unveiled recently. Arguably someone can watch it on TV and have the same level of experience as the VR set, unless the set was used in a unique way – will the comedian try to go out with the viewer? Shout at the viewer? Time will tell. when the show hits in 2017.