On November 5 I attended WIRED’s excellent event on inspiring younger people. The event was designed around those aged between 12-18 speaking to very inspirational entrepreneurs and creatives to grab the future and step forward.¬†

This will be a shorter article than usual as the event was less focused on VR, and more focused on general tech. Yet of the people who came to the event it was great to speak to Thomas Gere again, where he was demoing the painting capabilities of the HTC Vive on behalf of Disruptive Realities, previously covered a short while ago. It was also good to see Ed Barton, Founder and CEO of Curiscope and a speaker at the event Рexpect an interview with him on the website soon.

I also had an interesting discussion with Heather from Ultrahaptics about the role of Mixed Reality in a world obsessed with VR and AR, which has inspired me to potentially rebrand Virtual Perceptions to widen its net of reporting.

Ultimately the VR offering was a minor footnote to the purpose of the event – to bring in inspiring people to bring the next generation forward. The speakers at the event was wonderful, and the use of VR was used more as a tool for inspiration than a big part of the event. A great event, and I look forward to seeing which of the younger people grow up to shape the world.