When I attended VR / AR World, the small piece of tech which caught my eye were these small, foldable glasses produced by Homido. They are tiny – able to slip into the pockets of trousers, coats, and in handbags and the like. 

In effect, they are a stripped down version of Google Cardboards, without even the cheap cardboard to keep the lenses and frame. They work adequately as well – at least, as well as the Cardboard applications would. What this means is that they provide the capabilities of the cardboard counterparts, without the necessity of carrying around a bulky box.

This is why I think these glasses will make a decent splash – they provide the most portable means of viewing mobile VR and 360 videos. Keeping the glasses in my pocket until I need them is a nice utility to have, especially when I need to whip it out for some fun.

There are downsides – the lenses may be prone to scratching if it is backed with keys and phones on a daily basis. It is also not stylish – wearing them in the playground won’t be as cool or colourful as other options in the market. Finally, it does not darken around the eyes to provide a ‘cinema’ effect – they are frames, which means you will see everything around your peripheral vision.

These are significant drawbacks, and they are attributes to the core design of Homido mini – portability over quality. If you have a cardboard headset sitting at home, there is not much need for the dinky little tool. But for the VR person on the go, these glasses fill your little niche.

You can find images of us having fun with the glasses below – we thought that doing a model shoot with the glasses would be a great way to while away a lazy Sunday evening. You may also be able to buy the glasses from here for 15 euros.


We decided to shoot near London Bridge for the photos, where there happened to be hay bales for the covering photo. Anna and I were trying to emulate the cool models found in glasses, though we cracked up at times

The glasses clip onto the phone for use. Afterwards they can be folded and placed in the pockets.

All photos in this article are taken by Anna Jungerhem, a Swedish pen pal who visited London for the week.