Looks like VR in 2017 is going to have a helpful kick-start: recent research has shown that one in ten households will be expected to have VR tech by Christmas.

According to Carphone Warehouse, gaming is set to be the most popular use for VR (half of content), followed by travel experiences from the comfort of your home, and watching music concerts when you can’t be there. With nearly half of all adults having tried some form of VR experience, and 80% now aware of it, Carphone Warehouse predicts Christmas 2016 will be the first time VR devices cement themselves as a must-have item. I am not as confident, but it does seem to be picking up speed.

Take-up of the technology, however, isn’t without its blunders, 10% of those who have tried it confessed to having struggled to get to grips with it. The research found the most common VR ‘faux pas’ is accidentally bumping into someone, or being so loud or animated that they’ve been asked to leave the room by their nearest and dearest.

The final statistic is very interesting. It’s as though Christmas is set up to be a time where VR will do very well, but then people become disillusioned and then split apart. We’ll see where it goes from here, but let’s see where we go from now.

Dean Kramer director of Accessories, Carphone Warehouse comments: “Christmas 2016 will see VR become truly mainstream. Gaming is without doubt the reason most consumers are interested in VR but this is just the beginning. As more and more players enter the market, the more content and choice of headsets will become available.” While I disagree of using the word ‘mainstream’ with its application, I am interested to see if the hype from Christmas will continue through 2017. Here’s to a good year!