Want to create your own VR spaces but still think that Boolean is a type of exotic meat? CoSpaces has created a tool to create your own experiences in VR.

Already featured on this website previously, CoSpaces has the goal of using VR to develop VR spaces for the sake of education, and is overcoming hurdles to make it easier and better to make your own experiences in a cool platform.

The interface for creating VR environments in CoSpaces doesn’t change: Using the browser app, you build inside a predefined 3D environment, add customizable objects from a library via drag and drop and add your own texts, images or sounds. Pretty cool stuff.

Creative programmers can, for example, use CoSpaces to develop games with relatively little effort. A VR game in which you have to shoot zombies that are approaching you from all directions can be written in a couple of dozen lines of code. For those who are into more complex projects: The developers behind CoSpaces have already used it to build a little traffic simulation – including traffic lights and helicopters.

You can have a play around with the  Early Access Program here. For me personally I know I plan to have a go at some point, and let you all know how it goes. Maybe create a massive mountain to climb, or a helicopter race. Or knowing me, riding a bear into glorious battle. We’ll see.