As 2016 is getting to a close, I wanted to very briefly highlight a small sampling of some of my favourite experiences. It is not exhaustive or tiered, but a ramble of those which left an impact, however significant or otherwise.

  • We Wait – A Syrian refugee family travelling overseas from Turkey to Greece. The abstract art style and single-place positioning makes the experience unforgettable.
  • Planet Earth II: Cities – Another nice use of VR, this time from the perspective of a fox surviving in the city. Also, who doesn’t like Planet Earth? The answer, my friend, is no-one.
  • Easter Rising: Voice of a Rebel – An example of a historical experience translated into VR. Great example of factual storytelling. Plus, you now, historian nerd over here. It’s like giving Harry Potter a broomstick, or a Hobbit elevenses – I adore it.
  • Simon – An excellent use of 360 video to show the live of a person with cerebral palsy.
  • In My Shoes: Dancing with Myself – No video for this one, but it’s another example of ‘empathy VR’ where it provides an intimate first-­person perspective of what it’s like to have a neurological condition. Used as an example in CSI Magazine.
  • No Small Talk – You’re sat in a café to watch a conversation between millennial women. An interesting idea pulled off well by the BBC.
  • Ctrl – Do I even need to say?

It’s been a great year – expect some even greater stories coming your way.