Blue Monday is said to be the most depressing day of the year. What better way of passing the blues than hanging out with some magnificent people? With VR Connects heading into London over the next couple of days, the time is ripe and ready to display the talent heading over to Steel Media’s big event. 

According to the website, The event will bring together over 500 delegates from across the VR/AR industry (with a focus on hardware manufacturers, game developers, entertainment and education software creators, investors and media).

Hope to see you all there! But for now, here is a small sampling of those coming along – a small selection of the SIXTY speaking over the next couple of days:


Whether your challenge is digital, visual or strategic, we believe brands work best when they are brilliantly simple. That’s our aim across all projects: turning complexity into results that work – and brands that win.


If you think AR is cool as fuck, check these people out. SwapBots are collectable toys that use augmented reality to create a spectacular, interactive video game world around a physical toy. By swapping pieces of the SwapBots, the player can influence in-game attributes. The player simply points their phone or tablet at the SwapBot toy to see it come to life as the digital animation is overlaid onto it.

Virtual Umbrella

Apart from being nice as all hell, the two are experts when it comes to immersive reality marketing. The team provides marketing and creative services to the industry, whether it be creatives, developers, agencies, or anyone who they come across with a case a la Sherlock.


gumi focuses on seed or early stage start-ups and Tokyo / Seoul VR Start-ups which organises the first VR incubation programs in Tokyo/Seoul and Japan’s top VR community. They are looking for startups and companies to work with.


Niche company who focuses on technology.  Interestingly, the company also predicts that think control and interface will be a major focus for developers in 2017.

Resolution Games

One of the first studios to be working on VR, they know their stuff! And they also fully specialise in VR experiences, with some very talented people who work under their hood.

Fierce Kaiju

Apart from having a wicked website, the team of creatives are based in Yorkshire, far away from the Mecca of Guildford. Rightfully, they predict that we’ll see more ambitious VR projects in both scope and scale, more akin to traditional AAA experiences.


The team develops and publishes VR games and experiences on both mobile and high-end VR.


Much like with AMD, a very niche company who specialises in… computers? I think? They do something techy anyway, and I heard from a friend of a friend that they don’t like apples for some reason.


First talent agency I have seen who is part of the immersive reality scene. It is also the first executive search firm to incorporate first 100-days coaching to all talent placements.


Apart from having a lovely team who I have mentioned previously, the company helps creators and users of 3D data across industries to optimise their content pipelines and streamline their workflows – in other words, helps make projects tick.


Self-stylised as making AR on a city-scale, they are building a mobile platform for city-scale augmented reality, and a toolset for users to view & create their own content. Which is pretty neat, all things considered.

VRFirst – BAU

Oe of 26 incubation labs, they are a Crytek led incubation initiative mentoring grass root VR projects & teams to learn and experiment with this emerging technology.

Digital Jam

Apart from the fact that Tanya is a lovely person, the purpose of Digital Jam is to bring together multiple industries, specialisms and expertise to create a new way of looking at challenges and find innovative strategic solutions. One to watch.

Virtual Beings

On a mission to make virtual pets that feel alive. No, not kidding. And that’s genuinely really cool, so I am looking forward to seeing Wendelin Reich!

Barog Game Labs

Though primarily a distributed team performing a mix of technical, production and business development support, they are also actively developing new game and middleware products which we’re looking forward to announcing later in 2016!

Game Futures

Aki Järvinen is a fucking cool person who specialises in forecasting the future and fun of video games and beyond, and anyone who says otherwise is an arsehole. His reputation precedes him.

AM Marketing

Another marketing company looking to hop onto the VR hype train, with some excellent clients under their belt. Also based in Kent, which a rather nice location to be based in, all things considered.

Sea Monster Entertainment

Sea Monster specialises in the creation of beautiful, memorable and unique 2D-animation, as well as the development of engaging games for work or play.


REWIND are a creative agency and digital production studio based in London. They are also pretty damn good at what they do. 

Supermasive Games

They are a BAFTA-winning, independent game developer, with a reputation for innovation in both storytelling and VR.


A VR Studio based in Sweden? You’re goddamn right. They are working with our released and upcoming VR titles for the HTC Vive, Oculus and other VR platforms.

highlewelt GmbH

highlewelt offers a complete range of Hardware and Software for the production and consumption of VR and AR content.THey also created the highmkino app, which turns your phone with VR-glasses into a mobile home theatre, which is pretty neat.