We’re in a unique moment in time which offers us the opportunity to blend traditional methods of filmmaking developed during the past 100 years with a new set of creative tools and displays in immersive content that allows filmmakers to engage and produce emotion in new and exciting ways.

Between theatre, adverts and film, we now have an immersive way to experience stories thanks to virtual reality. With less separation or distance from the story, we break down and sit within the fourth wall. In some of these moments the viewer can even take an active role and interact with the story.

There will be a transition period where content creators will develop multiple experiments while defining the ‘rule book’ for immersive filmmaking. The ‘rule book’ on coverage and camera moves to tell a narrative will need to be revisited and new techniques will need to be learnt.  This is a far more complex medium to work in. A new grammar will evolve as the viewer also learns to watch VR, conventions will form and a new language will evolve.

We’ve been lucky to partner with a couple of experienced, talented and forward thinking Directors who share our vision and are open to exploring these new avenues. We’ve been doing several shoots experimenting with the ideas of using different FOV’s in specific moments while immersing the viewer and telling a story.

Virtual and Augmented Reality technologies can also be used to amplify the content creation process of traditional and multiplatform content by allowing teams to setup collaborative digital design spaces where creative concepts, production requirements and locations can be virtually scouted and tested, virtual shoots performed and digital elements such as characters and environments can be visualized.

Much of the technology required to do this is available today and can transform how Agency Creatives, Directors, DPs, Producers, Production Designers and Visual Effects Artists interact, collaborate and develop multiplatform campaigns. These solutions, when understood and implemented properly, can benefit the overall content creation and production both creative and budget wise.

At Gramercy Park Studios, we position ourselves as a Creative Tech Hub where Agency Creatives, Directors and content creators can explore these new platforms and find ways while providing access to the latest tech and a talent pool of creative and technical pros.

GPS was built not only to offer high end post services but also to explore novel ways for Creative Collaboration and exploration in order to deliver the best possible experiences, independent of the platforms the content is delivered. We contribute by investing in new technologies and developing partnerships with visionary Directors that want to explore new possibilities of engaging audiences.

We’re looking forward to continuing to develop partnerships that allow us to further explore these new platforms in 2017, redefining content creation and define immersive filmmaking.

Francisco Lima, Visual Effects Technology Supervisor, Gramercy Park Studios