With immersive tech being used for everything, why not also blackjack? 

Blackjack Bailey VR is a casual, casino card game for virtual reality. The objective in twenty-one/blackjack is for the player and dealer to get their cards as close to 21 without going over and compare hands for the win. The game features a cute and charismatic female dealer that goes by Bailey, who acts and deals just like a real twenty-one dealer at a casino.  It’s simulated gambling, which means there are no real money transactions within the game and there are no in-app purchases to buy.

“This was a joint collaboration between myself (iCandy Games) and Hologram Software.  I handled the art and design while they worked on the code. My goal from the beginning was to create an immersive, comfortable and familiar game experience for VR.  I thought a casino game would be a good design choice because you play seated and blackjack is considered one of the most popular card games worldwide, so there is familiarity along with that.”

Mike Amerson, President and Creative director at iCandy Games added: “I live in Las Vegas and my wife used to be a 21 dealer at the MGM grand. She played a big part in this as well. She inspired the look of the character Bailey and did the voice overs. She also helped me with animation reference as well as rules of the game. The resulting effort was the culmination of nearly a years work for a small dedicated team of developers and I’m happy to be launching it now for the Gear VR platform.”

Each to their own – I wouldn’t personally play it, but it is a sensible application of the technology for players. Have a go!

Tom Ffiske