Well it’s a little misleading – it isn’t £3 million at once, but there is a significant sum of money involved. Not enough to get that house in London you wanted, but certainly enough to afford that pet hamster called Mr Squeakers you kinda wanted but never got around to buying.

ANYWAY, thousands of Brits are taking to the streets across the UK in a bid to ‘snatch’ their share of up to £3 million. The money is being hidden in virtual golden parcels by Snatch, a new augmented reality game that provides gamers with the chance to win real-life prizes.

Teaming up with Circle, Snatch will distribute virtual parcels across the nation that are collectively worth up to £250,000 each month. Prizes range from £1 up to £1,000.

Snatch is a virtual treasure hunt that uses a player’s smartphone location paired with augmented reality to transform a players’ immediate surroundings into an interactive playground. It allows players to then seek out and steal virtual parcels that contain tangible prizes.

Top brands already on the app include TopShop, TopMan, All Bar One, Mitchells & Butler, Just Eat, Pizza Hut Delivery and Now TV. Players also have a chance to win a year’s university fees as one of the top prizes. So far, players are spending more than an hour a day snatching in the app and Snatch is on course to have 100,000 players in game by the end of March.

Snatch launched this month with investment from Unilever Ventures, the investment arm of Unilever. The deal with Unilever Ventures will give Snatch access to their global ecosystem, assets and expertise. Snatch will work together with Unilever Ventures to bring new prizes to the game, expand internationally, and continue to innovate, ensuring that existing and new players want to snatch up brands’ products.

Tom Ffiske