As I said a while ago, I feel that the immersive effect of virtual reality is vital for education. With the feedback brought about from learning something new, it allows users to better understand a topic better than reading from a book directly – it’s a proven fact. As such, this app is a very, very exciting development.

ATi Studios, the creator of Mondly, has released the first virtual reality app for language education to combine the artificial intelligence technology behind chatbots with speech recognition in virtual reality. Learn Languages VR by Mondly allows people to experience lifelike conversations with virtual characters, in 28 different languages, from the comfort of home. To bridge the technologies behind its chatbot, speech recognition, and VR, the company had to develop a new automatic voice detection system.  

Alexandru Iliescu, the CEO and co-founder of ATi Studios, spoke about the challenges involved with creating Mondly VR: “The toughest challenge was to make the speech interaction feel natural in VR. Because VR is so immersive, we quickly realised that traditional speech interaction models that require a tap or a voice command to enable speech recognition would kill the flow of the experience. So we developed our own automatic voice detection system. It calibrates to the room’s background noise, and it ignores unintentional sounds. The result is amazing, the conversations with the virtual characters happen as naturally as real-life conversations – they just flow.”

So yeah, this is a very cool app. If you would like to have a go, download Learn Languages VR by Mondly for free in the Oculus Gear VR StoreTo download the general Mondly mobile application for free, which includes the conversational voice chatbot:

Good luck learning!

Tom Ffiske