History is a bitch sometimes, and sometimes it is nice to go back in time and get a glimpse of times past. For most people it would be one last night with a previous loved one; for others, its a final word with their mother or father.

But for others, it would be to ride long-forgotten theme parks. Because why not. 

According to concept designer Jay Kristopher Huddy, the Ride Archive represents “the future of preserving the past” by providing VR simulations of decommissioned rides and attractions from your favorite theme parks.

“The dark ride is mechanical performance art. We preserve art in so many forms, whether it’s paintings, literature, sculpture, music, or architecture. All of these are singularly embodied in a theme park ride and yet no one seems concerned with preserving that unifying cultural experience,” said Huddy in a recent interview with DCTC. “I want to change that.”

Huddy’s presentation demonstrates how guests would not only experience the ride, but upon exiting the attraction, take home the VR experience on their mobile device. Outside the attraction, guests would also be able to visit the original location where a ride once stood to “collect” a ride using an app on their phone or tablet. The video also alludes to an augmented reality feature that allows guests to “see” the attraction where it once stood.

It’s at the concept stage for now, but we can see what the future holds for this bold project.

Tom Ffiske