Although the term ‘VR for Good’ became popular only recently, virtual reality has been used for good causes since the early 1990ies when the psychologist Ralph Lamson explored the medical and therapeutic aspects of VR resulting in a successful treatment in about 90 % of Lason’s virtual reality therapy (VRT) patients (Lamson, 1994; Lamson, 1997).

Since then VR has been applied in various other therapeutic treatments such as virtual reality exposure therapy (VRET) which is inter alia used in the military sector to help soldiers suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) to normalise the experiences they went through during combat by recreating similar scenarios in an interactive virtual environment (Friedrich, 2016). Also several phobias (of heights, flying, spiders, etc.) were successfully cured using VRET (Page & Coxon, 2016). Virtual reality even helps reducing stress in children having vaccine injections (Graham, 2017).

In the charity sector VR is known as an empathy tool. After the successful 360-degree video ‘Clouds Over Sidra’ which helped UNICEF recruit twice as many donors as usually, other charities started adopting VR for their campaigns as well (Slack, 2015; Sydell, 2017). More interactive and personalised charity experiences like Virtual Village will bring VR for Good to the next level.

Vera Grablechner
Founder / CEO, Virtual Village 



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