Not many of you would have been run over, and even fewer would like to experience what it would be like to be stick on the front of the car while driving forward. Well, now you can!

To celebrate Ford Mustang’s success in Europe, Visualise and GTB, have produced a virtual reality recreation of the classic 1976 cult film C’était un rendez-vous (Rendezvous). The original short film, which was directed by Claude Lelouch, is a cinema verite drive through the streets of Paris.

This is the first attempt to recreate a classic film in VR 360, giving the viewer a completely new perspective of the brand and city. However, an accurate recreation certainly didn’t come without its challenges. With some of the roads no longer in existence and some of the smaller details in the original film needing to recreated, the team faced some interesting obstacles. Shooting the classic scene at Sacre Coeur required the production team to move hundreds of tourists temporarily and shooting the small but significant details took meticulous planning. Shooting on live roads including at the Arc du Triomphe also meant that post production work had to include a large amount of technically difficult clean-up of other branded cars and the blurring of viewable number plates.

Other than that it brings up thoughts of cartoon characters being hurtled around, its a very cool experience – have a go if you have the chance. 

Tom Ffiske