Who is GOOVIS?

GOOVIS was created in 2015 because we were disappointed with some of the VR headsets on the market, which were bulky and heavy with poor resolution and usability. We wanted to make something better and slightly different. We wanted to make a headset, which featured advanced optics and comfort, so that users could enjoy crystal clear VR experiences without experiencing dizziness or fatigue.

Why the focus on optics?

For an incredible viewing experience you need high resolution and great optics. We have years of experience in optics and believe it is one of the most important aspect of VR. Our headset also allows viewers with near-sightedness to forgo glasses and adjust separate resolutions for left and right eyes.

What is the GOOVIS G1 3D Theater?

The GOOVIS G1 3D Theater is a lightweight, portable virtual reality headset that displays high definition and cinema-standard 3D screenings. It is designed to watch 2D and 3D films and videos. With a field of view of 53°, the movie picture projected is equivalent to an 800” giant screen at 20 meters.

What issues did you come across when making it?

Interoperability was difficult. We wanted to make sure it could work with Android, iOS and PC  plus any device with an HDMI cable, as well as the PS4, Xbox. This took some time, but we got there in the end.

Where do you think VR development will go in the future?

It is still a relatively new area, but we hope to see much more VR content produced over the coming years. I also expect to see headsets which are less bulky and heavy and more appropriate to use for longer periods of time.