Fancy trying out some VR in a delightful drinking establishment in North London? It is a specific request, but you are in luck.

VR in a Bar – which has been so popular that the idea was taken by other companies – will be coming back this week to demonstrate some cool, smooth immersive experiences to complement your Whiskey on ice.

Not all exhibitors have been revealed, but of those who have:

  • Surround Vision – a specialist 360 and virtual reality film production team
  • VR City – VR City is a London based VR production company
  • Mutiny Media – Another production company

Steve Wright, a VR enthusiast attending, told Virtual Perceptions that he is looking forward to the event:  “I am a games developer by education, but have been working in enterprise software development for the last 7 years.


“I got interested in VR back at the beginning of last year, and went to a similar event where I met some really cool people who re-ignited my interest in game development. So, I’ve been trying to get to these events as often as I can to catch up with folks and increase my contacts in the industry.”

Sound choice, Steve. The event is always a lot of fun, and I look forward to seeing them all at the event – hope to see any of you there as well.

The event will be hosted by the Loading Bar in Dalston, and registration is free.

Tom Ffiske