VR for vehicle design; a bold idea, and one based on good standing where having additional feedback on design, particularly spacially, is helpful for the design process. One brave company decided to take a leap and is showing their tech at the London Motor Show this week.

Seymourpowell will be unveiling the ways they’re using VR to design cars at this year’s London Motor Show, from 4th – 7th May. They’ve developed unique VR design techniques that respond to today’s challenges within the automotive industry and improve on other VR applications currently available.

Richard Seale, lead automotive designer at Seymourpowell commented: “Our new approach to designing in VR radically streamlines the design process, allowing designers, engineers, and marketing teams to collaborate on the design process in exciting new ways. It lets designers create designs in 3D and at any scale from the very start of the design process. I believe this is the future of design.”

According to the press release jarble, Seymourpowell believe that their approach to VR design will help to shorten the time it takes to bring a new car from napkin sketch to showroom floor, allow the design of new cars to be more reactive to changing consumer needs and expectations, and ultimately produce better quality vehicles by facilitating more effective collaboration between teams within automotive companies.

Personally, I just think it is a very fun piece of tech with useful applications for the engineers working hard in the motor industry. Good luck to the team!

Tom Ffiske