Fancy seeing premium 360 content on Facebook? A wonderful partnership is about to begin. Blend Media today announced a partnership with Facebook to publish more premium 360˚ video on Facebook.

Through the partnership, 360˚ video and VR creators within Blend Media’s global network will have opportunities to work directly with Facebook’s 360˚ team – including training and creator events, access to test new 360˚ technology and early use of Facebook’s 360˚ products – enabling creators to push the boundaries of technology and creativity in 360˚ video.

Videos and photos from Blend Media’s comprehensive library of premium immersive content will also be available in the Facebook 360˚ app for Gear VR.

Damian Collier, Founder and CEO at Blend Media, said, “Facebook’s commitment to driving innovation in video could not be more apparent. They also understand more than anyone that users are increasingly engaging with 360˚ and VR content, in many cases watching 360˚ video for considerably longer than fixed video. We’re excited to be working with the Facebook team on this partnership, which I believe demonstrates a joint commitment to nurturing a global community of premium 360˚ content creators.”

Personally I am excited for any partnership which will bring even more content to people, especially if it is higher quality. Here’s to the future.

Tom Ffiske