Now that VR World Congress has passed, we now move on to its younger brother who hangs around with the other young folk in Olympia. Much like its non-blood relative, the conference hopes to explore the use of AR, MR and VR across a number of disciplines and industries, and no doubt hopes to emulate the success of its sibling as well.

I am also speaking there. Yes, really. Come find me in the Vision Theater on Wednesday:



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Covering all the people and companies attending the event would be impossible – or, at the very least, so time consuming and resulting in such a long article that I doubt anyone would read it all. That said, here are some minor highlights:


Apart from having a Key Manager who looks like a Super Saiyan (who, by the way, was absolutely lovely when I met him recently), Zappar has unveiled their latest innovation at SXSW – ZapBox – an affordable yet advanced solution of bringing mixed reality experiences to the world. The kit looks smart and powerful, and I look forward to seeing the tech expand as more users make content for the platform. And indeed, I can’t wait to see how they progress.


Do you like cars? I don’t particularly, but a lot of people do; and I don’t need an engineering degree from Southampton to know that making a car can be an absolute bitch. In a brand new experience, the UK company allows users to pull out the wheel to see all the components, disassemble and suspend every element of all three vehicles of the Pagani Huayra range in high definition VR, allowing them to examine every detail of their potential new car. Pretty rad, and I intend to try it out.

With any new industry comes a flurry of new companies who fills small but vitally improtant niches. is one of them, looking into creating an open standard communication platform for VR interactions. Matrix can power interoperable VoIP and video communication within VR today and has plans to expand its capabilities within the VR industry. This organization is the first to introduce an inclusive web space for the virtual world by implementing a secure communication method that enables all users to communicate with one another, across different VR apps,. Which is… very powerful, so I am curious on how it works.

Pieter Van Leugenhagen

I asked around for speakers who are coming along, and Pieter was one of the lovely lot who replied. Pieter Van Leugenhagen is an all-round entrepreneur and marketer with a penchant for immersive experiences. As co-founder and Int. Growth Director at yondr, he spearheads virtual reality marketing in both Europe (Antwerp – Amsterdam) and the US (New York). Yondr produces high-end 360° videos across the globe, nurturing a growing network of VR professionals worldwide. Otherwise seems like a nice guy.

Percept Imagery

They develop highly immersive hyper realistic VR experiences for marketing and training. Pretty rad. They also have a pretty nice website. 

Luciana Se

I’ve already said a lot about her, but the lovely person is again coming to a VR conference and, again, you should absolutely meet the person fighting for exclusivity in a notoriously white space. Go. Do it.

Anyway, that is all for now! I’ll see you all at VR World. I am also speaking at the event on Wednesday, so hope to chat to some of you there afterwards.

Tom Ffiske