The VRARA Digital Health Committee conducted an initial industry survey for companies making VR/AR products in healthcare among healthcare providers. After an initial survey, several interesting trends arose from the woodwork.

The data

Most common category for primary users:

  • Healthcare – 66%

Self-identified company challenges:

  1. Still need to prove value
  2. Finding qualified talent
  3. lack of clear path to global markets

Self-reported challenges:

  1. 78% external
  2. 22% internal

Most common research challenges:

  1. Difficult to gain access to test population
  2. Hard to do user testing in a real-world environment
  3. No funding


The first caveat to these results is that it had 20 respondents – this is a low number for something which is supposed to span an industry, and these results should not be treated as fully accurate.

As expected, healthcare is the most common category for users, followed by the mostly external challenges for a company to grow. That said, it would have been interesting to see why it was difficult to get a test population, and why it is hard to do user testing in the real world.

Ultimately much of what was expressed was expected – the next steps would be seeing what the community will do next for best practices. You may find their full infographic below.

Tom Ffiske