With the large amount of studies in XR at the moment, its hard to judge which are correct; perhaps in retrospective it is easier to track. There are so many studies out there that it is difficult to keep track of whats right and wrong.

But this time, we have some pretty graphs supplied by eMarketer to supplement their research – and as we all know, graph makes things much more official.


In a bold statement by eMarketer,  12.3% of the US population will engage with some form of AR content monthly. By 2019, AR users are expected to top 54.4 million, 16.4% of the population or nearly 1 in 5 internet users. Which is a little crazy.

To the surprise of no-one, Snapchat is the main reason for this. “Users of Snapchat Lenses comprise the vast majority of our AR estimates,” said eMarketer forecasting analyst Chris Bendtsen. “Snapchat growth will continue to contribute to AR users in the future, but in the next several years eMarketer also expects Facebook and Instagram Stories to be significant growth drivers of AR usage.”

In other words, millenials and Gen-Z are increasing AR use around the USA. It’s fine, you can blame us.

eMarketer also predicts that VR use will go up 110% this year from 2016. I am immediately discounting these statistics since it includes 360 videos, which severely warps the parameters of the statistics; more people would engage with a Facebook 360 video than an HMD headset. Splitting the two categories would have been interesting, for future reference.

Overall an interesting study – an another one which marks the growth of both VR and AR over the next few years.

Tom Ffiske