Did you know Land Rover was interested in boats? Nor did I, but it turns out the company is dabbling in boat technology as well as beefy cars. The lovely crew at Jaunt and Land Rover has released a cutting edge virtual reality film ahead of the America’s Cup Qualifiers.

The experience immerses fans into the ‘heart of the team,’ jumping on board for an exhilarating sail around Bermuda’s Great Sound during final preparations for the team’s first America’s Cup challenge. Fans are taken into a grueling gym session, dunked underwater as the 2 ½ tonne racing machine flies over head at over 50 knots.

They are then taken on a drive in the all-new Land Rover Discovery. I guess they needed to fit the car in there somewhere.

The action from Bermuda was shot on specialist virtual reality cameras, including Jaunt ONE, the first professional-grade camera system specifically designed for capturing high-quality 360º, stereoscopic cinematic VR experiences. The film – ‘Above and Beyond’ – uses a combination of pioneering 360 video filming techniques to create an immersive format which places viewers right in the heart of Americas Cup preparation with the Land Rover BAR team as they look to take home the prestigious title in 2017.

Mark Cameron, Jaguar Land Rover Experiential Marketing Director said, “We constantly strive to create stand-out experiences for our customers through our partnerships, and by using Jaunt’s cutting edge VR technology, we are able to give the user unprecedented access to the team and America’s Cup Sailing in a thrilling first-hand experience.”

Dominic Collins, General Manager International, Jaunt Inc said: “This collaboration with Land Rover is a flagship project for us and one we’ve been excited about since we saw the early cuts of the film. What has been achieved sets Land Rover and Land Rover BAR apart when it comes to creating an immersive, cinematic experience of extreme sports. VR continues to play a huge part in the future of technology and brands everywhere are looking to stand out from the crowd by creating the most compelling experiences for their audiences – this one does exactly that.”

Tom Ffiske