As we are coming up to E3, word is spreading about how much VR will be featured across the Big Three.

I may not be an experienced game reporter, but I am an experienced gamer who has been following the industry since I have been a wee little lad. So, I will probably shoot myself in the foot and make some ill-judged predictions which may well turn out wrong. And if they do, feel free to let me know by sending me angry tweets.

Here are my three predictions:

VR will have a heavy presence at E3 – for better or worse

Coming from an experienced gamer background, I… dislike it when ‘technology’ is being showcased on the show floor. Memories of the Kinect come to mind in recent years, showcasing games which I, and many people, had zero interest in. No, Microsoft, I don’t want to see a small kid play with a tiger for ten minutes.

As a gamer, I want games. I want to see uninterrupted gameplay with a low level of commentary from a developer. I fear that if VR has a heavy presence, it may be met with the same reaction.

Regardless, as an enthusiast, I would love to see VR be pushed hard, despite the negative reactions it may get. These are early days, and VR is in a decent place to do well in the gaming industry. We are already seeing the PlayStation VR set performing well, and Microsoft is integrating mixed reality support with Scorpio.

Sami Mughal, Chief Editor and Founder of OxGadgets, feels the same way: “VR is pretty much the most exciting thing happening in the world of technology right now. With Apple’s recent announcements regarding VR in WWDC, all eyes are on E3. I expect this E3 to be all about utilising the massive potential VR has to offer. We will see more games, but what will be of massive interest is if we see any new hardware announcements incorporating VR with the current hardware available.”

In PlayStation’s case, it is a no brainer; VR games will be featured in their press conference and show floor.

The newly revealed VR games will come from nostalgic IPs to drive engagement

To no-one’s surprise,  there will be some surprise reveals which might sway some gamer audiences. Typically E3 is attended by hardcore, nostalgic gamers with some very select tastes. Stroke them in a particular way, and they will purr all the way to their YouTube editorials and news articles.

In a display of tactical finesse, PlayStation may well reveal a VR game which is based on one  of their strongest IPs, potentially even bundled with a PlayStation VR, to drive sales of the unit. By ticking the nostalgic fancies of a hardcore audience – the kind which may well buy a VR anyway – PlayStation would hopefully drive a bigger install base for their hardware for more games and support.

Microsoft will announce details of mixed reality with Scorpio

I am fully aware that Microsoft won’t be showcasing mixed reality games at the event, but who’s to say they won’t talk about it anyway? With the (probable) unveiling of Scorpio, it is likely that they will explore how Scorpio will be the dogs bollocks when it comes to mixed reality play, with a short demo of its applications.

Though I hope they are not using Direct Reality as a term. Please, please stick to mixed reality.

Tom Ffiske