How many pixels does it take for ultimate realism? Certainly more than the 8bits of the NES days. Certainly more than when video tapes were a thing. Certainly even more than HDTVs, since putting your face against a screen tends to make pixels seem larger.

Well apparently at VR & AR World, there is a chance to experience – and I quote from their release – one of the most visually impressive 5K resolution automotive VR headset experiences to date. Bold statement, but considering ZeroLight’s track record, I can believe it.


The crew will debut the technology during London Tech Week at VR & AR World in June, where the experience will allow users to take to the Bonneville salt flats of Utah to try out the newest supercars on the market, the ‘Pagani Huayra’, that was unveiled at the Geneva motor show in March.

“Quality and innovation are the foundation upon which we build our experiences.” says Francois de Bodinat, Chief Marketing Officer at ZeroLight. “The team at Starbreeze and Acer have delivered a headset with a display that can deliver truly high-definition content such as ours, taking the medium forward within enterprise.”

Nice stuff, so let’s see if it’s a sexy as people say.

Tom Ffiske