In seriousness though, this is a really cool story which opens up new thoughts on the topic of 4D theatres, created by Virtual Worlds.

In contrast to previous iterations of the software, their self-styled 4D Theatre ditches the controller and allows customers to walk around the space freely via a specially-designed headset. This tracks their body and hand movements and relays them onto the screen, making customers feel like they have jumped into the room created by the designer.

Products from more than 100 different manufacturers such as Ideal Standard and Laura Ashley are represented within the system, increasing the level of immersion and allowing users to do anything from step inside a shower to open up a cabinet drawer by physically walking over and touching them.

Which is cool. In theory. It’s one thing to give the tools necessary for immersion, and another to have the software needed to do well. It would be interesting to see what software they have. Thankfully, they give designers the opportunity to experiment with a range of configurations quickly and easily.

Nathan Maclean, managing director at Virtual Worlds, said: “4D Theatre is our most exciting and immersive product to date and it will undoubtedly help to deliver a futuristic retail experience for bricks and mortar KBB retailers.

“Our software is all about providing customers with peace of mind, giving them the information at their fingertips to ensure they have an informed decision throughout the design process.”

Interested to see how it would be used!

Tom Ffiske