You know the kind of stories which seem to be massive and major? The ones which would almost definitely certainly change the world, even in a little way? Well, this is it. And good lord, it’s Jaunt again.

Of course it’s Jaunt.

Gerry Images

Getty Images have teamed up with Jaunt to provide ‘premium cinema-grade’ VR video to content creators for their use. I cannot begin to think how useful this will be for creatives who cannot enter a Savannahland too easily. Locations include Iceland, Jerusalem, Yellowstone in the USA and cityscapes in China.

According to the press release jarble, customers will be able to access Jaunt’s immersive 360° stereo video experiences through Getty Images’ websites alongside Getty Images’ collection of over 25,000 360 photographs.


“Today’s partnership with Jaunt takes us into the next frontier of immersive experiences and we look forward to working with them to provide our customers with a level of VR content not yet seen in this space,” said Anthony Holland Parkin, Head of VR, Getty Images. “By including compelling VR content as part of our core offering, we are facilitating the growth of – and driving demand for – this exciting new medium that is revolutionising the way we experience the world around us.”

This is so exciting – the ability to draw high-quality content for use, more easily, is only a good thing for creatives working in VR today. I hope this inventory continues to expand with time!

You can find further information here.

Tom Ffiske