Remember Catherine Allen? She’s great, isn’t she? Well…

Watershed have teamed up with virtual reality pioneer Catherine Allen to produce a season of immersive experiences in VR this June (Wed 14 – Sat 17 June) – the first of its kind for a UK independent cinema and arts venue.

Fuck. Yes. Right in my home town as well. Catherine curated a cool line-up of experiences that showcase different aspects of VR’s artistic potential.

These range from awe (Natural Reality 2:1), intimacy (Through You), memory (Easter Rising) and empathy (Dancing With Myself).

Guest Curator Catherine Allen said: “In the past few years I have experienced some incredibly powerful VR art experiences – I’d go so far to say that a whole new art form is emerging.”

“The Watershed team and I were keen to collaborate and share this rapidly evolving medium with a broad audience. The Virtual Reality Sessions were born, and it’s the first of its kind for a UK independent cinema, marking an important moment in the development of VR as much more than just a ‘cool demo’.”

Looks great! Tickets are only £1.50 so you basically have no excuse. Go for it.

Tom Ffiske