Half Life 2 is one of my favourite games of all time, mechanically and gameplay-wise. This might well be the most random introductory sentence in this website’s history, but there is a solid reason, and that is it’s guided documentary tour.

You have the ability to go through the game and ‘listen’ to a few audiologs of the devs talking about their game, in key places. In a way, it’s like a playthrough while hearing the devs give an audiobook of their thoughts.

Now, take that idea, and put that in VR. Boom, you have what Yulio is up to. The company launched ‘Audio Hotspots’, a market-first feature which enables its users to add audio clips to virtual reality experiences created on its platform.

According to their press release scrawl, it can create the near-instant construction of rich, detailed and immersive VR experiences from 2D designs that have been created with any of the leading computer aided design programs such as Sketchup, Revit, 3DS Max, etc. They can then be shared easily via a web link and toured and collaborated on in real time via Yulio’s cloud-based collaboration technology.

These short clips are called VREs. I really don’t like the term, but I’ll accept it. In any case, pretty nifty tech.

Tom Ffiske