I seem to mention Ctrl a lot on my website. Partly because it is a very good piece of VR filmmaking, partly because I love the team behind it. As WIRED said, it is ‘a violent VR show that riffs on traditional theatre,’ and I also like it for the same reason.

And now the team has only gone and put it on PlayStation VR, so lots more people can watch what I watched a year ago! Huzzah!

Alyssia Frankland has a great way with words, and she said the following on Ctrl:

“Ctrl is about a young gamer called Liam, who is competing in an e-sports tournament. As the stadium comes alive, you find yourself in front-row seats experiencing this fast-paced strategy game first-hand. The atmosphere is tense inside the arena and just as victory seems possible, you discover what Liam is really fighting for…

Aimed at any PS VR fans who are hungry for deep and dark stories, this challenging film explores themes of power, control and escapism. Putting on the PS VR headset plunges you into beautiful 360 degree worlds, whilst forcing you to confront the unrelenting nature of the character’s reality – and as the plot develops, you may find yourself reflecting on your own experiences…”

You can find my review here, and you can download Ctrl on 23rd June from the PlayStation Store.

Tom Ffiske