I’m going to level with you, my fellow reader. I’ve never been a big headphones fan of any sort. Apple ear buds have typically been my go-to pair of choice for the sake of ease. Quality can be important, but hand open and palm upwards, quality was never something that was high in my agenda – simply feasibility and price.

That’s based on my experiences as a casual music-goer with questionable tastes in music (don’t ask). But with the immersive effect of VR, the argument for a solid pair is persuasive. In any immersive world and experience, with 360 audio available, it would always be a waste to use normal headphones. For a job like that, a new kind is vital. Oh, and 40 hrs battery life is nice as well.

The Crusher works well for this. With the options for either Bluetooth or tethered via a cable, the headphones have an excellent quality which add a crispness to the virtual environment. The addition of a bass lever is great too should a more powerful beat be present. Comfort wise I do find they squish my ears slightly more, perhaps to the point of annoyance, but otherwise it is applicable for use.

The whole gimmick is ‘immersion,’ for an ‘immersive’ experience – and you know what, it actually works. As a cynical music fan, it actually felt great to listen to a song and change the bass a little.

I was told this particular, exact headset works well for VR. Well, I can say it does indeed work well, particularly with Ctrl. (By the way, you should watch that as well. Go. Go now. It is on PSVR, it’s amazing.)

Overall, I would say it is worth it if you are the hardcore kind of VR user – the kind who not only buys a tea set, it’s the BEST kind of tea set to complement the China-imported tea. A worthwhile purchase for any avid VR fan.

The headphones are available at £150 RRP, from skullcandy.co.uk, HMV and Dixons.

Tom Ffiske