As some of you may know, I am not 100% convinced on VR ads being effective in websites; engagement and interaction is a friction which I am sure may be a worry. But with that said, I support any company who is dabbling with the tech to try it out. With that said, VIRE launched two new advertising formats: VIRE Video Ads and VIRE Product Ads. The new formats work across all digital platforms such as VR and AR applications, mobile and browser-based applications.

VIRE Product Ads

This enables advertisers to present and place 3D models in internet-browser and mobile applications. When users move their phones, digital objects move in sync using the mobile phone’s gyroscope to enable an interactive 360-degree view. You can see a demo below:


Immersive Video Ads

It also enable advertisers to tell their story and reach consumers through interactive 360-degree videos and 2D video players. An Ad-Room creates entertaining advertising experiences through a combination of video content and valued-added boards, highlighting vouchers and product-related information.

Overall, some cool ideas which I will follow.

Tom Ffiske