Rule 1: of any friendly outing: if you mention politics, shit will hit the fan. Rule 2: if your video game is even vaguely linked to politics at the moment, it is guaranteed to get some attention – and I feel this will happen with The American Dream VR.

The American Dream VR, a satirical virtual take on America’s obsessive gun culture, has released an in-game tribute to the Fourth of July on the eve of the explosive-fuelled American holiday.

Rampant patriotism in The American Dream VR

According to their main website, ‘players travel through a vast complex constructed by a group of respected gun manufacturers aiming to show the world the virtues of guns for the common man.’ Apparently it has a wide range of weaponry too, which is excellent for any of those people out there ready to fight.

it even comes with entertaining gifs as well. Lovely.

The American Dream VR will hit later this summer. Find more at

Tom Ffiske