Niche, but interesting stats from the crew at ZeroLight in regards to automotive retail. With Gartner predicting that retail will be massively hit by AR and VR in the future, it is intriguing to see where automotive VR will go.

They polled peeps who either own, or plan to buy a car, highlights the potential of immersive technologies within the automotive marketplace.

  • 82% of respondents to the survey agree with the statement: ‘I would like to see, explore and configure a car to my preference at scale using immersive technology (VR/AR) prior to purchase, with just 5% disagreeing.
  • Support for the statement is strong across all age ranges but peaks at a significantly high 90% in the 25-34 age bracket.

It is unclear from the research whether, after trying the tech, the novelty value rubs off and they shop normally afterwards.

Automotive VR in retail

Commenting on the results, Joseph Artgole, Associate Marketing Director at ZeroLight, says: “We know that customers demand digital-led experiences that offer them complete control over their purchase. What we see here is further validation of VR within the automotive retail space. Immersive technologies offer a perspective that is wholly unique to the medium. Seeing the vehicle in front of you to scale as you create it is truly compelling, driving value at any stage of the customer journey whilst delivering efficiencies for the brand.”

Intriguing, continuing a trend in automotive VR we are aware of for a while.

Tom Ffiske