Trivial or useful? Unsure either way, would need to see it myself, but intrigued somewhat with the tech available.

Immerse has been appointed to develop a rugby-based VR training experience for EY’s sponsorship the British and & Irish Lions. One of EY’s current goals is to highlight the growing importance of Virtual Reality in the digital revolution and have teamed up with Immerse to do so. The activity will demonstrate how VR can be effectively used for any training event.

Each participant in turn wears a HTC Vive™ headset and emerges into a fully 3D rugby stadium complete with roaring crowd, scoreboard, and scuffable grass. In front of them can be seen the goalposts and they can pick up a ball and place it on the floor ready for their first attempt. Players have 10 kicks each, and aim to score with as few kicks as possible. Every successful kick returns them to the start to try to score again, but each time from a more difficult position. To reduce frustration, each time a player misses, the underlying game logic invisibly makes the next kick more likely to be successful. To add a little more interactivity, VR cardboard cut-outs of well-known rugby players are scattered across the pitch and can be knocked over by throwing a rugby ball.

The VR scenario accompanies all actions and their consequences with realistic feedback noises and crowd reactions to give an immersive and interesting experience.

Tom Symonds, CEO of Immerse stated “EY needed a solution that would inject some fun and competitive spirit into their activation events over the course of the rugby tour, leaving a positive and lasting impression on the players. Immerse provided a simple but entertaining goal-scoring game which could be used without internet connection where necessary, and demonstrated the power of VR. Immerse were proud to be a part of EY’s support of the tour and we hope to work closely with them in future to support their interest in new business technologies.”

Onwards and upwards with another partnership.

Tom Ffiske