I get a lot of survey stories, and all are a bit of a mix. The worst ones are ones which warp the figures to suit the company’s ends – for example merging 360 content and VR to say that sales of the tech has increased a lot (seriously that happened). But sometimes there are more harmless statistics which simply say, ‘yup, more people are interested in VR.’ And you know what? That’s enough.

A report by online smartphone retailer, Mobiles.co.uk has charted the sharp increase in demand for VR, AR, and AI, in a survey story which will surprise very few people.

  • Up 300% – Virtual reality / VR
  • Up 56% – Artificial intelligence / AI
  • Up 25% – Augmented reality / AR

Andrew Cartledge, Mobile Expert at Mobiles.co.uk said, “This data highlights what the public wants, and the numbers are pretty clear – technology that encourages escapism, or helps to make our lives simpler is key. Technology that encourages us to track and moderate our behaviour is becoming less appealing.” No surprises there.

Andrew did make one good point though. “There is no denying that AI, VR and AR are here to stay – because people want them.”

And the headset spear-heading this is the Google Daydream, rather than the Samsung Gear? Offering further insight, Sean Duffy, Technical Director of Holosphere VR, based in Birmingham said: “Google Daydream is having a big impact on the mobile VR experience.

“2017 should see a boom in Google Daydream-ready devices on the higher end of the android ecosystem, and this has the potential to bring quality VR experiences to the masses via the world’s most wide reaching mobile Operating System.

“Android’s software distribution network mixed with rapid advances in mobile graphics capability mean it’s only a matter of time before most devices on the market will be ‘VR ready.”

Overall some numbers and stats we expected, though it’s nice to have some reaffirmation every once in a while.

Tom Ffiske
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