Hello again, everyone.

So you may be wondering, “Tom, Virtual Perceptions had nothing over August. The website was a cold, barren wasteland, silent and dead.”

Well, I have a few reasons – some major, some minor:

1) I have been on holiday for a week

Pretty simple – everyone needs a break sometimes! And with work being busy as well as my personal life, sometimes I needed to put down my pen and focus on other things in life.

2) The Quidditch Premier League

First of all, yes this is real. I get it.

Second, as a secondary hobby I am the Communications Director for the Quidditch Premier League, which largely consists of convincing the world to treat us a little more seriously. Rather wonderfully it worked, with us being featured in UNILAD, Sky, BBC News, ITV, and God knows where else.

Oh, and JK Rowling joined the fun as well:

Now naturally something like this takes a lot of my time – and while it was worth it, it was a weighty project. I re-prioritised, and focused on that over Virtual Perceptions. But now I think it has died down… I think. We will see.

Well, I am back, and up and rearing to go with Virtual Perceptions.

And you know, I think I am focusing on a small, tiny thing for the moment…

Catch you all soon. My inbox is always open if you have any questions!

My thanks,

Tom Ffiske