Art should be all inclusive and more accessible. However exhibitions are spread across the world and even the most ardent collectors are unable to view it all. Now for the first time everyone is invited ‘into the gallery’.

ArtPassport is a free app that offers anyone, anywhere, access to high resolution images and 360 degree panoramic views of contemporary art from the world’s leading galleries and art museums. The deceptively simple app presents a regularly updated feed of exhibitions with panoramas, images of individual works, descriptive texts on the artists and visitor information.

Users can zoom in on art they are interested in and press a Virtual Reality icon to use a Google Cardboard headset for a more immersive experience.  Now here is the best bit; when ArtPassport uploads a new exhibition, we send you an update so you always get a daily art fix.

Founder Tristram Fetherstonhaugh, CEO and Founder of GalleriesNow finished developing the app in May 2017.  Tristram said ‘At GalleriesNow we have always been about presenting the fantastic art at galleries around the world to as large an audience as possible, whether they are curators, collectors or the curious. VR let’s us take that to a whole new level, getting across the atmosphere, scope and character of the exhibitions’.

Gary Waterston, director of Gagosian Gallery, London describes it as: ‘a gamechanger – helping inspire those locally to come and engage with our exhibitions whilst opening up a more in depth view of the installation to those unable to visit in person’

Tom Ffiske
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