I’m half convinced on VR chess. Chess is a social activity, where you can chat with the other person, and naturally dip into competitive contemplation on a particular move. The VR will help with that. On the other hand, it’s still chess. Like, it’s not breaking any boundaries. Then again it’s like Solitaire bundled almost all PCs – it’s not meant to break barriers, it’s just meant to be a bit of fun on the side with some friends.

Okay, I think I talked myself into thinking it’s a cute idea.

ANYWAY, Immersion has today launched an updated version of Immersion Chess, an interactive VR chess game. 

Immersion Chess

On the Vive and Oculus, players can play a casual game in an environment. Features that enable players to pick up and move objects or topple the chessboard, just as in real life, are neat touches. 

Within the game, opponents sit opposite each other’s avatar and have the ability to communicate through physical movements. The scenery of the game can be changed so that players can choose to stage their chess match on a Championship stage, a modern apartment building, or a space station.


Immersion Chess

The new release of Immersion Chess is available for free but for the first time two advanced add-ons, for more experienced chess players, are available to purchase on STEAM: Environment Space, with enhanced visual effects, and Advanced AI providing an extra layer of difficulty for gamers that enjoy a challenge. 

Aleksander Dumański, Immersion, comments: “Our main goal when developing Immersion Chess was to create a game that would enable owners of almost any gaming platform to play chess together, in the most realistic way possible. Immersion Chess is unique, not only in its use of virtual reality but also in the fact that it is the first VR game in history that allows owners of different types of VR equipment and standard computers to engage in a chess match with one another. Regardless of the gaming platform used, users of this game can meet at the same chessboard and put their skills to the test. Even if players are physically located in opposite corners of the world, as long as they have internet access, the game is on.”

Cool stuff, may try it out sometime.

Tom Ffiske
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