Well, I’m back.

After putting Virtual Perceptions on hold, the website will be returning to cover all things immersive reality, from today.

As I said previously, managing this website along my other obligations got a bit much, so I figuratively placed this book on a shelf and sipped some tea to reassess everything.

At one point an image company tried to incorrectly charge me for using an image; so I changed every single image on my site to one I own. Take that. This will transition out with time, but you will still see it when browsing.

While this was happening, I was assisting with the IQA Quidditch World Cup happening on June 27; this will still be happening and will take a large chunk of my spare time.

Yet VR kept bringing me back: the tonnes of new stories coming out; the crazy new tech being developed; the quality of discussions improving. I felt a bit left out.

Rightly so, in my opinion. The industry is seeing a lot of change and investment, and charting its developments has been a lot of fun. It’s FOMO, basically.

So I am back. Not with any amazing explosions in the background or a cigar – more of a quiet knock on the door, as a friendly neighbor, saying ‘I’m back mate, let’s grab a pint and chat.’

I will be writing articles, creating features, giving awards – exactly how I was through 2016 and 2017, only I will ramp up my workload to a point where I feel comfortable.

And yes, I will still be working on quidditch. The Quidditch Premier League will still be a major part of my work. But hey, what is life without some more fun things to do on the side? You’ll see me around from time to time, and I hope you enjoy my honest and colloquial writing.

Sayonara everyone, I’ll catch you around.

Tom Ffiske