Let’s face it, data centers are data centers. Unless you are looking at some of the most beautiful data centers in the world, you’re hardly walking into Willy Wonka’s land of chocolate and joy. But hey, when Concept3D attempts to make Flexential’s data centers more interesting, I have to give them credit to challenge themselves.

Though I was unable to try this myself, there is a video about it below:

Using Concept3D’s virtual tour software, the VR tour can apparently be repurposed for future tradeshows and as a sales and marketing tool that can be sent out people as a link, as well as posted on websites and sent with goggles in a direct mail campaign, among many other uses.

“Seeing the level of excitement from the Flexential team and visitors as they experienced the data center tour really demonstrated what VR and immersive media have to offer,” said Robert Johnson, Concept3D Vice President of Business Development. “Visitors were asking questions and engaging with the Flexential sales and marketing team – the main goal of any tradeshow. There’s so much potential here to take people on a journey and give them an on-the-ground look into how your company operates and what gives it a competitive advantage.”

So yeah. This is real. I’d personally prefer a boat race or a bakery myself, but if you dig big data, then this is up your street.

Tom Ffiske
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