I really like the crew at PwC, particularly Jeremy who is just a really nice guy. Mix that with the talent of REWIND and you have a recipe for fun.

Anyway PwC has developed a VR experience with the crew at REWIND, allowing them to explore and better understand the range of potential future disruptions. Think of it as the difference between explaining something, and showing it – only much more expensive.

The aim was to spot 20 potential disruptions around them in a future city environment and collectively rate their credibility and impact. The disruptions include emerging technologies such as megadrones, robotics and synthetic biology, as well as non-technology megatrends such as social and climate change.

The press release states that it is the ‘first known example of VR being used as a storytelling tool for businesses to engage with the future’ – while true, it’s in such a vague category that it’s difficult to note as significant.

Jeremy Dalton, VR lead at PwC, said: “VR is a unique medium to tell the story of disruption, allowing our clients to experience the potential impact first-hand and bring their challenges to life in a much more immersive way… This tool demonstrates there is far more to VR than gaming – it’s a technology with huge potential across a whole host of sectors, including professional services, with its power to engage people in a new way.”

As an added note, Jeremy Dalton likes “Star Trek: Bridge Crew – There are few things more fun than exploring the vast expanse of space with a jovial crew of friends.” Nice.

Tom Ffiske
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