So as far as I understand you are an ape who shoots people. Okay. In fairness, you can’t tell you’re an ape until you look at your hands so your face could look like Tom Hands throughout Crisis on the Planet of the Apes VR for all it matters.

ANYWAY, set in the Planet of the Apes universe, Crisis on the Planet of the Apes VR is a first-person action-adventure VR game produced in partnership with Imaginati Studios.

Apparently you are an ape who is very, very clever, captured and held prisoner in a scientific facility as mankind  searches for a cure to the Simian Flu. So you bust out a la Doom style as you help your fellow Apes and return home, safe and sound.

“There’s power in being able to feel both the physical aspects and emotional conscience of an Ape with advanced intelligence. Players will move like an ape while experiencing first-hand, the discrimination and reprehensible treatment of the Apes in this universe,” said Brendan Handler, SVP & GM, FoxNext VR Studio. “Bringing this level of immersive gameplay to the long legacy of what Fox does best – compelling storytelling – is at the core what FoxNext VR Studios delivers to VR gamers.”

According to the release, moving as an Ape, players will come into contact with other survivors, humans and fellow Apes alike, who have spent the last five years navigating a global catastrophe, as the world they knew came crashing down.

This seems a little bananas, but I am down either way. And hey, another shooter using an established IP? It should perform ok in the marketplace. Tempted to review this at some point in the future, though I shall see.

Crisis on the Planet of the Apes VR is now available on PlayStation®VR for £11.99, Oculus Rift for £10.99, and HTC Vive for £11.39.

Tom Ffiske
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