Imagine what your life would be like if you didn?t have electricity. When the sun went down, life as you know it would end: no computer, phone or refrigerator, but also no light.  Reading happens over the open flames of wood fires, candles and kerosene.

Santa Barbara neighbors Unite to Light (, a nonprofit, and WorldViz (, a virtual reality (VR) company, teamed up to bring the experience of life without electricity into virtual reality.

“It seems ironic that we?re using technology to cast a light on this major global problem of life without electricity, but that is the power of virtual reality,” says WorldViz CEO Andrew Beall. “Virtual reality allows the user to immerse themselves in places or environments they had never dreamed – all by simply putting on a VR headset.”

“It has always been a challenge to explain to our supporters and funders what it?s really like to live without electricity,” stated Megan Birney, President of Unite to Light. “Using virtual reality, and specifically WorldViz?s Vizible VR remote communication software, we were able to build a scenario where the users can experience what it?s like to pick up a book and try to read using a candle and then switch to our solar light and compare the quality of light and overall reading experience.”

Vizible is WorldViz?s new SaaS solution for businesses looking for cost-effective and immersive methods for communicating complex ideas. Vizible is easy to use for anyone who has made a PowerPoint presentation before. Importantly, once users design an immersive Vizible presentation, they can invite anyone around the globe to experience it as conveniently as if they were setting up a web conference call.

“As a nonprofit with limited resources, finding a communication solution that was easy to use and incredibly impactful is a game changer,” said Birney. “The fact that we get to do it in virtual reality sets our organization apart.”