In conjunction with the launch of Layered – a report identifying how brands must adapt to the rise of augmented reality – Mindshare and Zappar has revealed the impact of VR when shopping. I am always a bit shady when it comes to reports like these, especially when its written by a comp[any directly linked to profiting from its findings, but it is interesting regardless.

The report reveals that a third (33%) of consumers believe AR would help them to narrow down choices when shopping. Increasingly, consumers are expecting products and other physical objects to contain additional layers of digital content or information.  In fact, 55% want to be able to point their phone at any object and receive information about it, rising to 74% amongst those who have already experienced AR.

While this is cool, I would be interested also to see if it differs from the types of products as well; perhaps there are linked audiences more likely to use AR than others in specific areas.

Jeremy Pounder, Futures Director at Mindshare UK, explains: “To date, AR has largely been used to give people a small dose of in-the-moment fun – Snap’s dancing hotdog and Pokémon Go epitomise this.  Our research shows that AR will evolve from one-off ‘surprise and delight’ moments to provide everyday utility and practical value, right across the consumer journey.  This could include helping people visualise how products look in their home, locating products in-store through wayfinding applications, or getting more out of a product post-purchase through usage guidance.”

The report itself looks to be a good read, so have a look when you like. I am tempted to review bit, but time will tell if I will.

Tom Ffiske
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