In a bid to go mainstream, Facebook has released the Oculus Go – a new device which looks to potentially do very, very well.

First, I would like to provide the below image, without context. No particular reason, of course:

Alright, let’s continue.

According to their release:

  • Oculus Go Available Now: Oculus’ first standalone VR headset is available globally today, starting at $199 USD / £199 quid (blame Brexit).
  • New Apps for Shared VR Experiences: They’re introducing new ways to experience VR with friends and connect with entertainment.
  • More Immersive Ways to Share: Recently, Facebook introduced 3D posts for some reason. Not really sure it’ll be used much but hey ho we’ll see.

Not much else to say, as websites far more significant than I have reported on this in great detail. But I am keen to see what it’s like for myself. You may find my full thoughts here.

Tom Ffiske
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