Here’s a different one; what about a magic book which streams you relevant info when needed with AR? Magik Book is attempting just that.

Magik Book, the first ever physical catalog book that links to digital devices, has been launched by the Portugal-based startup of the same name. As Magik Book’s pages are turned, the smartphone or tablet responds with synchronized videos, animations, music, images, interactive models and more.

The product aims to replace catalogs, but I sincerely doubt that.

“Even in the digital age, people have strong relationships with real-life objects – not least books. That was the concept that drove the creation of Magik Book,” said Hugo Ribeiro, CEO and founder of Magik Book.

“Magik Book combines physical and digital, traditional and contemporary, setting itself apart as a marketing solution and offering brands a real opportunity to stand out in a crowded market. Integrating both elements makes for a more personal and memorable customer experience.”

It’s hard to get more as the release is so salesy, but ultimately it seems like a strong utility tool if you’re a looking to expand beyond a catalog. It has its applications – the car example is a good example – but I can see its uses as limited.

Tom Ffiske
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