This is actually quite a big deal, so I am really interested to see where this will do! It’s a common issue for lenses to be filled up with mist and fog, so it is interesting to see where else this may go. Abom announces the ABOM HEET AR/VR goggle anti-fog solution. Ah, HEET. I get it.

According to the release, the HEET brings the next generation of ABOM’s heated goggle technology, building upon the brand’s technology with new improvements made specifically for integration, apparently for immersive and augmented applications.

It is a designed eyewear system that brings ABOM’s patented technology, which makes it unlikely for fog to exist on the inner surface of the eyewear. ABOM’s technology uses very low power thin-film tech with a transparent, conductive layer between the lenses.

“We’re excited to introduce the ABOM technology to immersive environments and the augmented and virtual reality community giving users and integrators the ability to eliminate annoying and disruptive fogging issues,” said Jack Cornelius, ABOM CEO.

Considering I haven’t heard of them before, they have done some cool stuff; ABOM has a portfolio of 26 issued and 35 pending patents in three groupings (structural, environmental and power management). Notably, ABOM also brought products that remove foggy lenses for the military, tactical, industrial safety and snow sports. What a mix.

Tom Ffiske
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