Feel that greeting cards are a bit too flat and 2D? Me neither, but someone wanted to liven them up through some AR magic with Kineticards. Savannah College of Art and Design alumni Chrissy Eckman uses AR and hand-drawn designs to bring some flair to an office staple.

Now, I personally don’t see the applications of this. The best greeting cards are personal, drawn or designed to be tailored for the individual. Let’s say Stacey from Finance had a mad one in 2015, which ended in a chicken shop fire and a broken stein glass. Would you give her a standard M&S card? A small edit makes anything touch the heart.


Yet for those who want some AR flair in their lives, with some very cool animations, it is very well designed. Kineticards offers cards for all sorts of occasions, like business cards, postcards, announcements, prints and greeting cards.

Unless you are Cyborg, to use Kineticard you need to download the free app from either Google Play or the App Store. Then, scan the card and see it animate and make sounds. Neat.


What’s nice is that they are cheap. Kineticards are available through the store for six dollars, which is about as much as an overpriced Starbucks coffee.

A card is coming in the post, so follow me on Twitter to watch me play around with it.

Tom Ffiske
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